Follow The Tay


The River Tay is the longest river in Scotland, originating at Beinn Laoigh in the Highlands and flowing around 120 miles before reaching the North Sea. It passes some of Scotland’s finest places on the way. Welcome to Follow The Tay where we aim to showcase the amazing route this river takes and everything the surrounding areas have to offer!

The Sound Of Spring

It’s that time of year again when this area of Scotland showcases its musical talent that spans across all ages at one of the finest concert halls in Europe, The Caird Hall.

This week we saw the Dundee Schools Instrumental Music Service put on two nights of spectacular shows, giving us everything from wind bands and orchestras to samba groups and rock bands. And it doesn’t stop there. Tonight in the Caird Hall the University of Dundee’s Orchestra and Choirs will perform their Spring concert and next week we will see Dundee Symphony Orchestra finish off the trio. Three talented groups of people from all ages successfully showing the fantastic sound that Dundee can make!